Irisya® represents a wide range of timeless jewels which highlight the natural beauty of each real pearl. Each Irisya creation is stemmed from a marriage between a precious metal, silver sterling 925 and real pearls, mineral living organisms born from the pearl farming.

Our freshwater or sea water (Tahiti, South Sea and Akoya) pearls are selected with care and are distinguished by their varied shapes and come with a panel of rich and original colors. The unique character and natural brightness of a pearl give our creations elegance and a real sophistication. Irisya offers everyday wearable models that suit every style, from classic to modern. The will of Irisya is to propose luxurious and fashionable jewels conceived with quality materials at affordable prices.

With a concern on quality and given the fact pearls are natural and unique, our selling points are limited. We distribute our creations in department stores, independent jewelry shops and specialized shops.