Our rings come in different sizes:

Taille/Maat/Size (EU) Diamètre/Diameter/Diameter
50 16,0 mm
52 16,6 mm
54 17,3 mm
56 18,0 mm
58 18,5 mm
60 19,3 mm
How to determine your ring size?

With a ring
Size-ring-1-HANH Take a ring that fits your finger. Put the ring on a ruler and measure the inside diameter so that the left inner ring is on the 0 of the ruler. The measure in mm corresponds to your ring size.
With a string
Size-ring-2-HANH Take a string or paper and wrap it around the finger to be sized. Measure the mark from the end of the length of paper or string with a ruler. This measure in mm corresponds to the diameter of your ring size.


Chains and pearl necklaces are sold in different lengths. The mentioned lengths, are the total lengths with the clasp included. Different lengths highlight the beauty of different parts of the body, 16” and 18” being the most common lengths:

Taille/Maat/Size (EU) Longueur/Lengte/Length
14” 35 cm
16” 40 cm
18” 45 cm
20” 50 cm
24” 60 cm
30” 75 cm


Pearl measurements are stated in millimeters and rounded to the nearest 0,5 mm. The measures here mentioned are the diameters for an individual round pearl (e.g. 8 mm):

Irisya pearls size